[Artistic Disclaimer]
Please listen DangerousIdeaNumberOne.mp3 (you will have to be extremely patient to listen it
(because size is 11 MB), you may perhaps find it on from
iMule/Nachtblitz (search file: 'dangerous idea' or 'pm2012').

Expect Us.

This mirror of the 'game' is hosted by spacemonkey086 (since july 2014), because he still believe that this project should not be only a 'game'. As he is not a coder, you may write him to try to find a way to build Tyler.
His I2P-Bote email address: lVXgBF~P7aOePty1-dSJPZrD~Ae7e5qm8xW2ZW2XkV0bEcki-KSBuZIleHAmU49xm4tpCNQuT4FaLl6WlbKfpNSCLsCSZTfCivH7oxNk~-a6KmssWEFZsuypC9~hdLOV3BH56uW5c7RouV0eCs~UTGpiUehMO9kUKNLZghiQntuDfn

If you prefer not use the clearnet nor youtube you may download some PM2012 materials (videos, texts) with iMule/Nachtblitz.

One of the official web pages was : http://ra2012.tumblr.com/ (clearnet !)